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Hello World!

Hello all!

Or more specifically, Hello Mommies! Let’s face it:  it is pretty much you that read all these parenthood blogs. And hello to the occasional dedicated dad reading this!

Today, I start what I hope will be a long-term habit of speaking to you on a personal level. I do not have the talent required to be a writer, but regardless I often would like to speak to you in a way that is a little different than the activity and encouraging thought you receive every week. I contributed in their creation, but I soon let professionals take over, so as to ensure that you received nothing but the highest quality content. So, here I am on a different platform, wanting to share with you what I am living on a daily basis and to learn a bit more about you through your comments on each article.

I hope to find the time to write you often, but know that with a Ninja Princess of nearly 3 and a Ninja Knight of 5, I am constantly running! As well as working hard for Life Pearls (believe it or not, there is a lot to be done!), I am also an accountant for a charity organisation in my community once a week. I have so much to say about life-work balance, but I will save that for another post !!

I wanted, before anything else, to introduce myself to you. As a mom, I have lived many challenges and know that there are many more to come, my children being quite young. Throughout the years, I’ve learnt that there are times when we are in desperate need of inspiration and of encouragement, while other times fly by so fast that we don’t see the weeks go past since the last tooth lost, or since the beginning of colics, or since the beginning of school…

All this sparked something in me. I wanted to give parents a tool to seize the time that was passing and accompany them in the days that seemed longer. We do not have families as large as they used to be and we don’t help each other out as much these days. With all this social pressure, being a parent seems like such a large challenge that many parents see their relationships taking the strain, when in reality -- when you break it down -- the base of parenthood is simple. Life Pearls wants to accompany you, without overwhelming you with information. We simply want to be a combination of a grandma and a good friend: we want to encourage you, to tell you that you are doing great (how do we know? trust us.) and to remind you to cherish the time passing because that really is what is the most important. At the same time, we want to provide you will super easy and fun activity ideas, to get out of a boredom rut and to wow your children, or simply to create a family moment.

Lastly, I cannot forget my dear husband, who is the greatest help imaginable. He is completely invested in this project with me, as well as being completely invested as a father all at once! We each have our strengths and our different skills, but we will both try to write to you on this blog as often as we can.


So there it is, I will speak to you about our application in the next few days, as well as a bunch of subjects that occupy my thoughts. I really truly hope that you will embark on this wonderful adventure with me and that, together, we can accomplish the main goal of this project: help single moms and their children to find comfort and support them financially so that they can care for their children. Indeed, Life Pearls donates 50% of profits to charity: it is a cause that really hits home and I really believe we can help. I will keep you posted on the developments with regards to this, but feel free to check out our website or Facebook page for more information.

Looking forward to writing to you soon,

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