Life Pearls


0-12 months 

Mad Hatter

What you need:
A variety of objects that you can use as a "hat": kitchen strainer, leggings, tea dolly, a cardboard box, etc.

Placing your baby so he can see you, place a different "hat" on your head. Each time, make a perplexed face and ask "Do you like my hat?". Your baby will love seeing all these ridiculous items on your head ! When your little one is a bit older, place him in front of a miror and place the objects on his head !

1 year old

Soap Monster

What you need:
A bar of soap and a microwave

Put the bar of soap in the microwave. Hold your little one up so he/she can see what's happening, and set the timer (put 45 seconds, and stop it if you must). The soap will become a "soap monster", and is sure to surprise your toddler!

2 years old

Banana Ice Cream

What you need:
Cut-up and frozen bananas, seasonning of choice (fresh berries, peanut butter, nutella, honey) and a blender

Once the bananas are frozen, ask your child to help you place them in the blender. Then, help him add the seasonning of his choice. Blend the mixture until the consistency is quite thick and smooth. Serve right away for an easy, healthy treat !

3 years old

Marshmellow sculptures

What you need:
Marshmellows and toothpicks

Make some itneresting sculptures by sticking marshmellows on toothpicks! It is practically mess-free and is bound to make you and your child smile.

4 years old

Dinner conversation

What you need:
Paper and markers

At dinner, ask your child to help you make place cards for every member of the family: fold up a piece of paper and write the person's name on it. On the inside, ask your child to come up with a question to ask (he can dictate and you write it down). For instance, "Daddy, did you have an animal when you were my age?" or "Mommy, did you play any sports?". This can become a weekly ritual if you'd like, as it teaches important social skills, and promotes conversation.

5 years old

Kitchen wind chime

What you need:
Old forks and spoons, a drill and some string

Drill holes in the stems of the utensils. Encourage your child to string them, and attach them together at different heights. Place outside, and enjoy your new home made wind chime!

6 years old


What you need:
Mason jars, glow sticks, glitter

Take some empty mason jars and put some glow sticks inside. Add a bunch of glitter, and close the lid. Go outside when it is dark (or simply turn off the lights), and watch how your home made fireflies light the way!

7 years old

Letter to future self

What you need:
Paper, crayons and enveloppe

Help your child write a letter to his future-self. It can be about anything, the important part being that he cannot open it for a certain number of years (5 years for example). It is a fun activity to do together, and you will both get a thrill when the time comes to open it.

8 years old

Pick out Mommy's outfit

Encourage your child to pick out your outfit for the day, and wear it to run your everyday errands! Your child will feel very proud seeing you wearing what he would like you to wear, and you'll get a good laugh out of it.

9 years old

Balloon Bulls eye

What you need:
Balloons and a target

Blow up some balloons but do not tie them: simply hold them by the neck until you are ready. Define a target, and on GO! launch your ballons! The one that gets closest wins!

10 years old

Egg Toss

What you need:
An egg and various materials

How’s this for a fun experiment! Try packaging an egg in a way that it will not break if you throw it 20 feet in front of you! Sounds hard? Try using styrofoam, bubble wrap and toothpicks!

11 years old

Rain in a glass

What you need:
Shaving cream, Water Clear cups or jars, Blue food coloring or watercolors

Fill the jars or containers you are using 3/4 of the way with water and then top with shaving cream. Allow a few minutes for the shaving cream to fully settle on top of the water. In a bowl mix several drops of blue food coloring with a little bit of water. Add a pipette or two and the experiment can begin. Have your child squeeze the drops of blue water into the "clouds". Once they start to fill up, see what happens!

12 years old

Self-inflating balloons

What you need:
Test tube, Vinegar, Small balloon, Funnel, Teaspoon of baking soda

Hold the test tube (or plastic waterbottle) upright, and encourage your child to fill it up halfway with vinegar. Then, using the funnel, put the baking soda inside the balloon (that you have stretched out a little). Carefully, without the baking soda getting into the vinegar, put the opening of the balloon over the tube. Then, lift the balloon so that the baking soda falls in the vinegar and see what happens!

13 years old


What you need:
A smart phone

Geocatching is REAL-LIFE treasure hunting! Download a geocatching app and go find a bunch of stuff in your close surroundings that people have left behind.

14 years old

Engineer in training

What you need:
An old object that you do not use anymore

Find an old object (electronic or not) that you do not use anymore and pull it apart! Try to understand together how it works. Attempt putting it back together if you can!

15 years old

Nerf-gun battle

What you need:
2 nerf guns

Have an epic Nerf-gun battle in the house! The loser must make dinner!

16 years old

How is this happening NOW?

What you need:
A computer

Get your child ready for the real world by helping him right his Resumé. Sure, there may not be a lot to say on it just yet, but he needs to start somewhere. Take the time you need to set it up, and review it once a year.

17 years old

Customised Cups

What you need:
A white ceramic cup and oil-based permanent markers

Decorate some white ceramic cups with oil-based markers! Once they are dry, place in the oven BEFORE setting it to 350F for 30 mins. When the timer is up, simply turn off the over but leave the cup inside to cool.