Life Pearls

Encouraging Thoughts

0-12 months old

No amount of regret changes the past, no amount of anxiety changes the future, any amount of grateful joy changes the present. Be grateful for your little one, who is working very hard to adapt and to develop for now close to 3 months. You will soon find your routine and your comfort zone.

1 year old

Today, just "be". Be happy. Be satisfied. Be useful. Be positive. Be loving and be authentic. As a parent, being true is worth all the gold in the world for you family.

2 years old

You child is watching you. Many studies have shown that your little one first watches your facial reactions, and then associates them to your physical reactions of joy, sadness or happiness. Try to verbalise your emotions and explain why you are feeling this way, it will help your child do the same instead of screaming and crying.

3 years old

Is there a sound more beautiful than that of parents blowing raspberries on their children's bellies? Yes. The sound of those same children laughing.

4 years old

4 years old often marks a new phase in self-affirmation. Your child wants to test all the limits and wants to make decisions alone: it is perfect this way. Be brave, it is up to you to put your foot down once in a while, all the time encouraging the newfound autonomy and vigor!

5 years old

Raise your children like they were lent to you and are not yours to keep. We tend to take more care of what is lent to us than what is ours.

6 years old

Go for spontaneous walks with your children. You will be surprised by the conversation you may have!

7 years old

As many parents who have raised their children say "it is the first 18 years that are the most difficult. Afterwards, it just becomes complex."

8 years old

As goes the saying, when Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But really. It’s super fun.

9 years old

We all know that it’s quality over quantity when it comes to spending time with people. But for children, it is a necessity that you spend a large quantity of quality time with them!

10 years old

Find humor in the smallest of places, it will make your life a whole lot better. Like when your child clogged the sink. With a straw.

11 years old

When you use the old “Count to 3” trick, make sure you have a consequence for that one time your child lets you get to 3. Because otherwise you may just stand there and be confused.

12 years old

Children with dreams and goals will become adults with vision and passion. Keep pushing your child to do what he dreams of.

13 years old

Be confident in your abilities as a parent, even if you feel imperfect. In the eyes of your child, this quiet confidence means a lot.

14 years old

Testing the limits and fighting authority are part of the teenage years, regardless of how frustrating it can be. But, you probably went through the same thing and turned out ok, right?

15 years old

Accept your child as he is. He is not a copy of you, nor of your spouse. He is a distinct human being, with his own tastes, personnality, dreams and aspirations. Embrace it.

16 years old

16 years old is fast approaching. The presents are all ready. Is your presence?

17 years old

You are excited for him to finally get his driver’s license so that you don’t have to drive him around everywhere. But think of it this way: this is free time you get to spend together. Make the most of it: at 17 years old, it isn’t always easy to coordinate dinners and family time!