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Mother's Day Post

My First Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world as a day to thank mom for all the time, energy, money, love, and support that moms give their children throughout the year. Those aren’t really the things that make Mother’s Day special.


My first Mother’s Day brought a flood of feelings of responsibility. This amazing little person entrusted to me helped me define myself, my womanhood, and my sense of duty. That very first Mother’s Day as I looked back over the changes and turns my life had taken, I also looked ahead. I looked forward to handmade Kindergarten gifts, clumsy Mother’s Day poems and songs, and even the nonchalance of Mother’s Day during the teenage years. The first year flew by so quickly, and the years ahead are all I have left to create moments we can both look back on.


My first Mother’s Day, though, brought flowers and cards and a nice meal that I didn’t have to prepare. It also brought a flood of memories. That’s when I realized that what made Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day were the memories. That first Mother’s Day was marked, not by the memories that stayed with me, but rather, by the memories that love had caused to fade.


I no longer remembered the stretchmarks, the pain of labor or the agony of delivery. I no longer recalled the sleepless nights, colicky days, or numberless diaper changes. The cries I had struggled to decipher and the fear of every little cough and sniffle had long since been lost. Love – the awesome weight of love – had taken the harshest moments and simply outweighed them. Now, it’s my responsibility to create those memories moment by moment, activity by activity, day by day.


What I remember most on that first celebration of my introduction to motherhood was coming to the wonderful realization that Mother’s Day isn’t really about me at all. It’s about this little person who is an extension of me. This little person who eternally completes me. This little person who made me a mother, and who, in the end, made me the woman I am today.


Audrey Poulin

Mom and CEO

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