Life Pearls

The Life Pearls Vase

The Life Pearls vase was conceived as the perfect addition to the 18 year membership. Elegant in design, it is a physical reminder for you to continue to spend quality time with your children.The vase, which contains the unique code to unlock the 18 year membership (a $29.99 USD value!), reminds you at a glance of the importance of creating wonderful memories together.

In each vase, there are 936 pearls, representing the number of weeks between the birth of a baby and their 18th birthday.

By removing one pearl every week when you do the suggested activity, you mark the wonderful moments spent together and remind yourself to continue to invest your time where it matters: your kids.

It is also a thoughtful and more tangible way to give the Life Pearls 936 week membership as a gift to new or expecting parents.