Life Pearls

The perfect gift for your son, soon to-be dad

Time sure flies, doesn't it? It seems that not to long ago your son was in diapers. And now here he is not only a son, but a son, soon to-be dad

The memories you've created together over the years are priceless. Help your son create memories of his own with his child.

Life Pearls is there to help your son create incredible memories with his children, much like you did with him. In fact, Life Pearls wants to give him 936 opportunities to create his own memories with his kids so that they have a wonderful childhood. Life Pearls will provide him with weekly creative activity ideas, such as The Soap Monster , The Water Drop Race & Indoor Slide !


Life Pearls is more than just a gift for your son, soon to-be dad: it represents 936 opportunities to make memories with his baby.

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